Thoughts on darkness and sadness. 01

Because I like the feeling of sadness sometimes. Melancholy...nostalgia...the darker side of life, the beauty in it, the beauty made from it, it can be enchanting. And its not about romanticizing depressive states. Let me make that very clear: that isn't what I am doing nor speaking on. When you are depressed it is depression- here I am speaking on the emotion of sadness, here I am speaking about being happy and experiencing many emotions including sadness. It would be rather unusual for someone to be happy all the time anyway, happiness, just as suffering, are extreme emotions-contentment is somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, now that that is cleared up I want to say that it is useful to examine one's emotions as more than what they appear, to go much further than the surface into a different realm of though. A realm where one stops criticizing themselves for feeling the way they feel and instead sits with the emotion and thinks about it, observes it, and asks themselves:

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Zahra DabirzadehComment