I sit with Singer, Songwriter Camille.

Heart Hour . . .

LL -Hi Camille. So lovely to be talking with you. Can you tell the readers a little bit about your message or your work? Introduce us.

Hello there! I'm a singer-songwriter from Montreal. I've been writing songs for as long as I can remember. They weren't always good (they were very bad for a long time), but I find myself carving my way into what I've always wanted to do: Write music and perform music for a living.

How did you get started as a singer, songwriter and general badass songstress?

I started as a professional singer when I was twelve years of age, touring for Cirque du Soleil for two years. After that time, even though I knew I wanted to get through school before pursuing my singing career, I already had a taste of what the life of a musician was and I definitely cared for it. I knew I'd come back to it eventually, which is what I did by heading to a music school after high school. And it all went from there! I met the right people at the right time and started playing with several bands and eventually created my own.

What habits/foods have you found help you perform at your best?

I thought for a long time that it did not matter what I ate or did, that I could always perform if I was rested. Recently I found that it made a huge difference. It's very important for me to eat plenty of fruits and veggies the day of a show and to drink a ridiculous amount of water. I'll head on stage feeling energized and solid. And I never want anything less

What nourishes you? 

My relationship with the people I love, and people who give me a hard time. It helps me grow and it's great for inspiration.

What turns your soul on?

Great achievements in my life. It can be small things but when I achieve things, I feel absolutely vibrant.

What do you wish there was more of in the world?

I wish there were more creators. There are a lot of creative people but I wish more of them would get out there and showcase what they do and what they believe in. That's how you really get to know someone or what they do.

Tell us about what projects you are working on and what we can expect in the future…anything you are personally stoked for?

I'm working on two pretty big projects at the moment, one of them is my duo project called Milk&Bone. We're releasing our first album on the 17th of March! We'll be distributed in Canada at first, but hopefully in the US soon too! I also have my solo project, which is called KROY. It's my little baby and all my extra time and energy goes into it. It's the one I hold most dearly. I'll be recording my first album at the end of january but I also have an EP which came out in june of 2014. I don't know when you can expect the album to come out but I do hope it's soon!

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