Create a Self-Love Ritual (Pt.I)

Set aside a few hours, minutes, moments to nurture you and only you. It's important to make this a practice, consistency is key. Create your own self-love ritual... start by turning inward for a moment and ask yourself these few questions to customize your own practice. 

  • When does your body feel heard?

Perhaps it is when you massage your feet after a long day, or gently touch your neck to soothe sore spots. If you are extremely busy, maybe your body only feels heard when you take the moment to medicate your pain with a pill- or many pills! Dodge the pill taking and think of when you feel taken care of...

  • Where could you make time in your schedule for this important ritual?  

Keep in mind that when we wish to bring in something new, we must make space for it and perhaps something in your schedule will have to be released until further notice so that you can make time to cater to your luscious, glorious self. 

  • What is your favorite element? 

Do you feel more grounded when you see a bonfire, or a campfire? Then maybe your ritual should involve a fireplace, or a few candles. Do you feel more connected with your Self when you hear running water such as the sound of water rushing into a lake? Then maybe you should have ocean sounds playing in the background or could hold your ritual at the park next to a body of water. If you love air, I suggest you sitting by a window, on a roof or if you are careful and experienced sit on a branch! It literally elevates your meditative practice. If you enjoy nature, it is always a good choice to have your ritual somewhere private amongst the natural world, your femininity will be awakened there, your masculinity long as you feel safe.  

  • As long as you feel safe, add the element of smoke. 

Smoke is highly healing , and helps you invoke a meditative spirit. Light some of your favorite smelling incense, and allow the smoke to cleanse your space before beginning your ritual. Reflect on the smoke, allow it to take your mind away from the worries of the day. All is okay, all will be there when you return from your care. 

  • Separate yourself from electric devices. 

If you can be in nature and set all your electronic devices off and away from you. Try to sit somewhere that isn't close to a wifi router. I suggest you light your crystal salt lamp if you have one, it will help restore negative ions in the room by purifying the air. I have noticed great results with my lamp! 

  • Allow plants to be your allies. 

Invoke plants in one way or another, whether its using rose water on your face in the morning and taking a minute to massage your face. Maybe you could incorporate a eucalyptus face steaming before bed...Or buy a bouquet of freshly trimmed flowers and put them in your bath...let the power of flowers influence your ritual. If you aren't sure which flowers would be most beneficial to you, see my post on flower essences

Remember: ritual is personal, you suit it to your tastes and it doesn't have to take long...even 2 minutes, 3x a day where you just look at yourself in the mirror and say "Hey you! I love you!" empowers the woman and man in you and trust me, you WILL see results internally and externally as long as you make an honest effort. Don't rob yourself, you deserve to give yourself your time, energy and compassion. Forgive yourself when you don't have the time, kiss and say I love you anyway! 

Pro Tip: If you are a very busy person, when you do have a free 15 mins, write down a list of everything you love about yourself, and on extra busy days take 1 min. to read over that list, stick it on your mirror! bask in your radiance, and allow others to bask in it too-don't feel guilty or shy or none of that sillyness! When you feel good about yourself, you GLOW, and there is nothing wrong with that...your glow lights up the world + encourages others to glow too :D! 

Photo credit: LSB (who kindly let me use her capture- ty Lucii!)

How do you Self-Love? Do you lather your body with coconut oil? is there a specific soundtrack you recommend? Share YOUR tips in the comments for our hueman family!