MOON CYCLE CHAT: This Little Thing Revolutionized My Periods!

Several days every month I am sourcing strength to find calm amidst the painful pangs plaguing my loins and making me want to curse my female mammal body.  I try to change gears and instead think about the beauty of this body, the love it gives, the service it offers, the womb it holds....and I find that in those moments...

  • my body connects with other female bodies on Earth
  • my connection to the flow of the universe is activated
  • my process roots down, I feel more grounded and secure
  •  I no longer feel like I am suffering alone
  • I feel Big, Wise, Knowing: I feel like a Sage rising above the pain

One night laying in bed I was having really painful back and stomach cramps, my partner brought me heating pads...tea...medicine...cuddles..(he surprised me by how thoughtful he was the first time it happened and we were together)..and I couldn't stay asleep because of the pain, mid-sleep he whispers to my moans something like; "Its just pain, think about it, its just pain, You can live above it." (and no it didn't feel like he was being ignorant or condescending or anything like that) and just like that, after hearing that there was a mental IS just pain.. (power sucked out of the pain, and sucked into my being). Simple awareness into the elements of the moment and the variables at play can let us launch out of the rigid box and prism we are interpreting our experience through and launch out to another vantage point. Zooming out of the irritability of what is currently happening (the valley) and reflecting from another view point (the mountain). You can see much further standing at the tip of the mountain then when you are in the depths of the valley, right? 

Well besides mental shifts, a physical item did R E V O L U T I O N I Z E the way my body feels when I am on my menstrual or 'moon' cycle....*drum roll*....enter stage the...MENSTRUAL CUP! 

My 2nd cup sitting by the window sill, isnt it cute? 😊 It's not intimidating once you bond a bit ;) I let mine sit in the sunlight after use for the week.

My 2nd cup sitting by the window sill, isnt it cute? 😊 It's not intimidating once you bond a bit ;) I let mine sit in the sunlight after use for the week.

Yep! A medical grade silicone cup that holds all of that oh so sacred bright crimson blood~ If you easily faint this might be a good way to get over the fear of blood or to skip this all together, otherwise you owe it to yourself to try this because seriously you might kick yourself for not doing it sooner-way way sooner (my only regret is not picking it up years ago!). Check these facts out:

  • Tampons are not 100% cotton, they are mainly composed of a material called Rayon which dries out your internal vag cannal because it absorbs ALL the moisture (a cup doesn't absorb, it collects). By doing that tampons mess up the natural vaginal pH level. Rayon fibers also "cause micro lacerations to the vaginal walls during insertion and removal" making your vagina more prone to infections (uhhh whoa & wouldn't you rather skip that risk?).
  • Menstrual cups have never been correlated to Toxic Shock Syndrome, but disposable tampons have. Tampons also contain bleached material which includes dioxin; which is the most toxic man-made substance known to man and it is produced during tampon manufacturing. 
  • You can worry less about leaks and going to the bathroom, you don't need to rinse out your cup for 12 hours as opposed to 6 hours with tampons! Personally, I don't even feel my cup, but I could always feel the dang tampon inside me...I also feel a lot more clean (I know, you would think otherwise right?).
  • WAY less trash! You feel better about your carbon footprint, not only is it healthier for your body but you are literally cleaning up after yourself, better for you and better for our planet! (& the planet certainly needs you to do your part right now!).

  • You don't need to replace your menstrual cup, but you can if you feel it is starting to get very worn and torn, maybe once a year IF you really feel the need to, but it really doesn't need to be every year.

I leave you with this glaringly electric fact:

  • The average gal has her period for 38 years, during which (if she's using pads and tampons) leads to a total of 62,415 POUNDS of garbage that she's created....willfully, because we all have the power to make decisions, perhaps even smarter, healthier and more responsible ones. 

Hope this inspires you and nudges you closer to research some more and give the cup a try! Leave a comment and tell me how it goes! Already use it and LOVE it? I wanna know what you love about it, comment below and share this post and others to encourage more sisters to try a healthier and eco-friendly period πŸŒ±πŸ’—

Do you crave more comfort during those days every month when your body is shedding, renewing, and possibly in a lot of pain?  Looking for a natural and alternative solution to feeling more ease, while feeling better about your impact on your home planet? Give the menstrual cup a go, the secret is to stay calm and comfortable and let the cup reveal its magick to you... ;) ☽β™₯︎☾

You can find a store near you that sells the specific brand I buy by clicking here! <<<<----Keep in mind, there are different companies who make it!