Becoming A Frequency Modulator Part I

What is Frequency modulation?

It basically means taking ownership and responsibility for your energy and being able to control it. Have you ever seen the sign that reads "Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space"?

What does being a Frequency Modulator imply?

Being a frequency modulator for yourself means being able to control your vibratory impulses, being able to direct your own vibration and have ownership of your own self which means you are aware of yourself and the reasons behind why you have mood/feeling & emotional changes within yourself. You more or less know why you feel the way you do most of the time.Usually when you are a frequency modulator you want to take an active role in pulling yourself towards higher vibrations of coherence, connection and relaxation.

Remember that everything is made up of energy, the more you can understand about yourself means the more you can understand about your environment and the better you can preserve it and preserve the future generations of children to come.

Zahra DabirzadehComment