Benefits of Pink Quartz-------> THE LOVE STONE ♥

  • Rose Quartz is HIGHLY effective for opening up the Heart Space...known as the heart chakra
  • Rose quartz is so powerful, it truly encourages self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem. It clears out negative energy that manifests as resentment and jealousy.
  • In addition to internal love, it also encourages external love.
  • It is believed to enhance fertility
  • Usually people wear it over their heart
  • Many people have reported that wearing pink quartz really helps the skin complexion, clears away impurities on your skin while also "cleaning" your emotional state of any negative emotions having to do with your self.

▴I would suggest using this crystal if you struggle with letting go of negative beliefs about yourself, thoughts regarding your self-image so your literal flesh and how you feel about it. In addition to how much you struggle with loving yourself and others. Use with an open heart (haha-pun intended)- 💛 be aware of your energy going into your thoughts when you want to judge your experience with pink quartz,and remember that you get what you put in but with crystals you get even more, you get  an energetic boost to complete your intentions.▴

if you hear any these thoughts or similar ones in yours head:

  1. I am not worthy of receiving love
  2. I am hard to love
  3. I am alone
  4. I am so very alone
  5. I don't know what love is or feels like (what love TRULY means- 555)
  6. I feel its hard to love myself
  7. I find 1..2.3.6...9..imperfections on myself
  8. I feel so terrible I didn't get ALL 'A's or better gpa in school/university
  9. I feel like I should've done better- I ALWAYS fuck up, UGH
  10. Anything negative that has become a chronic reoccurring thought in your head, it is probably coming from a belief in your subconscious.

It is the birthstone for people born in January and associated with the zodiac sign Aries.

☾Truth is sister, brother, you are worth so much more than you can probably realize. You hold the keys to your universe, you decide how you experience the "circumstances" that "happen" to you. You decide how you feel about the world, you choose your dominant perspective, the lens you use to see the world. 🌲And the lens you pick pretty much determines how you energetically feel which then effects the way the world interacts with you and so on.  We hold the power within ourselves and particularly when we are together, in larger numbers to cause MASSIVE TIDAL WAVES OF CHANGE moving this planet to a positive sustainable place, More loveNo war.




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