Full Moon in Scorpio May 05/05/15

Curated for the Labyrinth.... New Alignment + Integration

"In order for this New Alignment to be of the highest vibration possible for you, it will be important that you do not indulge in negativity, regret, blame, Martyrdom, judgment, disappointment, or any attachment to past issues. This is truly an opportunity for a reset of inspiration, priorities, and optimism.

For some of you the month will be challenging depending on how willing you are to forgive the past. For others of you it will feel like a relief from the upheavals of the past couple of months. The goal is to end up with a NEW ALIGNMENT where you feel more powerful, more inspired, more in love, more trusting, more relaxed, more confident, and physically, emotionally and mentally better than you have ever felt.

“With the focus moving towards alignment rather than towards breaking apart, you can observe perfect chemistry coming together for cooperative efforts. Ideas that were only dreams will suddenly become viable in the physical. But you have to be ready.

“Readiness is being able to read the signs, trust the synchronicity and not drag your heels. If it feels easy, it is right and you should trust it. If it is a challenge where every door seems to close, it is not the right path.

We can’t stress enough the importance of a constant vigil around letting go of the old attachments and expectations. To the extent that you are still attached, you cannot make space for the New Alignment so necessary right now for moving forward. So forgive the past, whatever it is, and allow for the good things that are showing up in your life to take root in a new alignment.

If your life has felt out of balance, this is also the month where you should revisit what balance means to you and where you fell out of balance. Not enough time for self? Not enough stimulation for growth? Not enough love? Too much stress? Too many obligations for other people? Not enough creativity? Whatever it is, spend a bit of time bringing your intentions into a new alignment so you can feel more balanced. You have a great opportunity to actually experience your life in a completely new way so focus on the new and pay attention to what is coming into your life.

Look at what is showing up in your life and allow it to align itself to you in a way that supports where you are going.

“You need not know all the details. You just have to trust.” ~Source

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