• Being serene during tines of challenges, knowing that all will happen as it is meant to, feeling safe and nurtured during times of change. Source
  • Having a profound effect on the crown and brow chakras, the flower remedy assists with opening channels of communication with one’s higher self, as well as with vast, unseen worlds by enabling the human body to absorb higher light frequencies.
  • Can be used with animals! "Lotus offers one of the highest vibrations of any flower. Animals, even those who have been badly abused or neglected, rise easily to the highest vibration presented to them. By offering an animal essence of Lotus she can rise above the oppression and fear of her past becoming fearlessly present in the moment at hand.

         As well as assisting an animal to overcome past abuse and trauma it is an excellent choice at the time of an animals death. Given directly by mouth or simply anointing the animals crown (top of the head) and heart (center of chest) chakras Lotus eases the spirit out of the body and assists it forward towards its highest potential in the realm of Spirit." Source