Wondering who's behind this creative space?

A Wombman. Empowered from Within. 

Doesn't like labeling herself, nor others. 

Has been told she's a starseed, a teacher, a blunt truth raconteur. But, she'd rather leave such accolades aside and get realer than real with you. This requires you to leave your labels aside as well; you are not your occupation, your color, your nationality, your body, your gender, your mind, your ideas, your attitude. You + me are beyond all these boxes; these frames of understanding do us good on a resume but not in communion.

December is my birth month, if you want to know more about me come closer.


I am another you. I am more than the parts you reject and the parts you show off. I am everything & I am nothing. Clear as crystal, uncensored. Raw with her intentions + committed to radical thriving. 'Together we stand, Divided we fall.'

With all the amore I can muster, 

Zahra (Dabir) Zadeh