Clock out of your duties for 10 mins. 

  •  TUNE to the 432hz frequency, that will melt those pesky worrisome thoughts
  • CLOSE your eyes and take a nice deep breath & think of a memory that left you smiling inside. Found it?
  • NOW linger on the feeling of joy, and lightness that is sparking in you, hold onto that feeling, and experience it in its details and depth. You are milking it for all the juicy chemicals it is releasing in your brain.
  • COMMIT to keeping these feelings brewing on the mental stove, and tend to them, stir the soup of bliss whenever you feel that you’re clumping up emotionally and need a breather.
  • GIVE yourself the permission to be at peace, give yourself the permission to be happy no matter who around you is bitter.
  • Now you have a foaming latte of self-served bliss that you will crave again and again... Crafting and sipping that blissful elixir of thoughts throughout your day will alleviate potential emotional flare-ups and scorching arguments. How?
  • >>>By bringing you back into the moment, into your own god/goddess essence that is so delicious others will want to dip their senses into your renewed energy as well. People and animals will want to hang around you, allow them this as they are searching for love (for however long you feel comfy, boundaries are crucial for energy expenditure).

    P.S. Remember: misery loves company but you are allowed to leave that party right now! You won’t miss the miserable (internal + external) dialogue, I PROMISE YOU THAT

The wise sage knows she is responsible for her energy, and caters to it.
— Zahra Zadeh