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Here you are...but where are you exactly? It's okay, you don't have to rack your brain about it, rather feel your way through it. The best indicator of where you are is how you feel. Gauge a feel for the inner atmosphere of your mind right N O W. What transpires? Worry? Doubt? Ecstasy? 

How do you feel? Write down what transpires. Or, maybe you can't sum it up into a word: write a list, get it down on paper.  By doing this you are bringing awareness into your situation and this is the first step into taking control over your suffering and allowing it to vanish- all with your consent, all within your power.

All begins to be clear when you bring your awareness into the present situation you are in. Please give yourself this gift, of your undivided attention to yourself...close your eyes, some effort is required to let go of the thoughts that keep coming back. As with most things, practice does allow you to hone the skill of detachment, so don't give up on yourself after a few rough tries. Give yourself time. Give yourself the space,  love and forgiveness in order to allow your mind to sync both hemispheres of your brain together and begin communicating with your heart and subtle bodies efficiently. 

If you suffer from depressive, bipolar or other mood disorders your mind will most likely create resistance against you shutting off the thoughts that feed your dis-ease or dis-order. Your thoughts have IMMENSE potential to change the way you experience your life. A bad day can turn into a good day thanks to your perception. 

What I have found is the more I give to myself, the more I am able to give to those around me. 


It can be said that each action we take during the day is life-giving to something or someone. Everything is energy, and we move energy through our words, our limbs, our thoughts all of our internal and external actions have an impact far beyond what we can imagine. We create ripples out into the universe, and it is up to us to choose where we give life (i.e. energy). This knowledge is powerful; knowing this you know that if you focus on what is not working constantly (such as when a person cannot stop complaining) you give more energy to all the things you wish we different- why? Because your subconscious mind can only understand positive suggestions. "Don't think of accidents" is the same as "think of accidents". So choose to focus on what is going WELL in your life. When you are G R A T E F U L you magnetize more things to be grateful for because the way you see life will begin to change! 

Such a transformation this shift in your perspective will cause- you begin to smile more! You truly gain a sense of serenity because you are not constantly trying to escape this moment and run to the next thing. You are comfortable with this moment enough to honor it instead of running away.

“When you feel yourself to be in critical condition, you must treat yourself as gently as you would a sick friend.”
— Julia Cameron


Throughout this website I continue to plant the seeds of information and knowledge so that you know what I know, the latest on health news and breaking down propaganda and myths in the food market, together we can share wellness wealth through education, communication, and commUNITY. 

I just want you to know that if you are suffering from psychological or physical trauma you are NOT alone, and I lived in that reality for a long time, and I chose a life path that would allow me to share with you what helped me, what allowed me to dug myself out of the mud that was depression and fear-based living. 

I have dedicated my life to helping you + yours heal from the inside out. Naturally! Organically! In the LEAST harmful way for your whole self while being more affordable, and at the same time being more sustainable for our planet. So happy to walk alongside you + assist you in any way I can. 

Questions? I am Here for You, x. 

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