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Bridging Worlds: Offering Doorways of Perception

Here at the Labyrinth we offer you scientifically + spiritually supported tools to navigate your life, your labyrinth.

We also move the spotlight on Healers & Artists improving their Communities, all over the world.  



This art, has roots in my ancestry, the impulse to share knowledge and facilitate growth beats in my blood

[I have created this space to offer you the knowledge that empowers, liberates and activates! 

Plants, crystals and creative pursuits are allies in healing + activating, I incorporate them into my multidimensional toolbox of healing, helping you shine brighter than ever before.

I also craft them for your personal use, find them here:  Amulets, Crystal Talismans.

From general mental health topics to more obscure spiritual subjects, explore the labyrinth at your own rhythm, there is much awaiting you. 



The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.
— Unknown

What Is The Labyrinth Concept?

The history of where the first labyrinth originated from is unknown, for it seems to have been present as an archetype in the human mind throughout the world, breaking the boundaries of time and space. The history doesn't matter so much, for you are writing your own history within your own labyrinth in this moment, and the next, and on and on and on, you are leading yourself through the channels of your mind, your thoughts are influencing the steps you take in your labyrinth, in an ideal state of coherence and flow where you feel centered and clear about your purpose your steps will lead you to new avenues that you have yet to experience. In a state where you feel uncertainty, you might say you are lost in your labyrinth and the steps you take bring you to the same dead ends repeatedly. You might be meeting the same type of people who bore you, the same situations which frustrate you, and the same negative states of mind that disturb your ability to feel at ease, and at peace. 


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