No acid needed: the podcast


Season 1

When to invest in yourself

Episode 05

When should you invest in extra support for yourself? This episode is about the fears that come up around investing in yourself in the form of support from a guide, mentor, group, etc.

Your Esteem system

Episode 04

This (longer) episode is an introduction to your esteem system! You will learn very valuable questions that will help you review where you gain your esteem from, learn why positive focus can slow your progress, and more.


Embrace the unknown

episode 03

What happens when you keep doubting yourself? What happens inside your mind and what happens on a metaphysical level that slows down the birth of your creations...let’s talk about it!


do it already: getting out of your own way

episode 02

Getting out of your own way can be so difficult sometimes. Fear takes the wheel and steers you off your creative path any chance you give it! Sound familiar? Listen to this episode to learn two ways to learn how mindfulness can help you launch your ideas into the world!


intuitive decisions & certainty

episode 01

Decision making and how to trust intuitive decisions. Why can we not know ahead of time, how a decision is going to turn out for us?



It has been mind blowing and heart opening working with Zahra. I’m facing demons and patterns within myself while learning to love myself completely.
— Juliana Vadala