Your Birthday Sunflower Spread

Your Birthday Sunflower Spread


Every year on your birthday, the sun returns to the same place it was when your mother gave birth to you. This is a beautiful, extended reading that will give you a lot of insight about your year ahead. This spread is formulated around the charts used to do astrological readings.

13 Cards

1. Your Self Image and personality

2. Your value systems and material resources

3. Your siblings and communication

4. Your parents, your home and family

5. Creativity, affairs of the heart, and children

6. Work, responsibilities, and health

7. Partnerships (Both romantic and in business)

8. Sex, death, and other people's money

9. Travel, higher education, spiritual connections

10. Your public image, vocation, and ambition

11. Friends, hopes, goals, and wishes

12. Your inner self, dreams, secrets, the past

Email or through Skype/Google Hangout.

This is a profound reading, it will depend on how much detail you desire, it will take close to 2 hours for me to read and interpret every tarot card and personalize them to your journey.


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